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E‑Z‑GO® Express™ S4

The E‑Z‑GO® Express™ S4 boosts your experience with stylish features such as modern LED headlights, a premium dashboard outfitted with extra features, and storage, and sleek tire and wheel options. The journey is just as important as the destination with the enhanced front suspension on the Express S4, providing enhanced drivability and maneuverability. Always be good to go – for every ride – with the Express S4.

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E‑Z‑GO® Express™ L6

Escape from reality with the E‑Z‑GO Express™ L6. With a choice of a powerful 13.5-HP closed-loop EFI gas powertrain, the E‑Z‑GO Express L6 will elevate any outing. The enhanced front suspension on Express L6 offers enhanced drivability and maneuverability with every ride. With more range and improved drivability, you will always be ready to go with the E‑Z‑GO Express L6.

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