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Gas Powered Street Legal Golf Carts

Our fleet has all gas engines. With a range of more than 200 miles on a single small tank of fuel (depending on load) you will never have to worry if your cart is going to run out of charge miles away from your destination or hotel. All carts use regular gas and can be refilled at any gas station just like your car. We also offer fuel deliveries available in our online booking.

FREE delivery and pickup for all of our golf cart rental reservations.

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Golf carts aren’t just for golf courses. Our name says it all! At FMB Carts we service Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva and all of Fort Myers Florida. Lets face it, your Fort Myers, Florida, vacations come way too seldom not to enjoy every bit of them.

You’ve rented the perfect beach house a couple blocks from the Gulf. Make the most out of your time in Lee County with our quality street legal golf cart rentals.

Even if your walk is short; loaded down with chairs, coolers and kids can turn it into the trek of doom. Why not make it a super fun experience by renting a street legal golf cart? Whether you’re using them to go to the beach or various shops and restaurants, our golf carts will help on many trips. You can’t take the carts on the beach, but they will help you travel to and from those sandy shores with ease. Call Beach Carts or book online when you’re ready to reserve your ride!

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4 Seater EZGO Golf Cart 6 Seater EZGO Golf Cart
1 Day Rental = $179 1 Day Rental = $199
2 Day Rental = $259 2 Day Rental = $279
3 Day Rental = $329 3 Day Rental = $359
4 Day Rental = $399 4 Day Rental = $439
5 Day Rental = $469 5 Day Rental = $519
6 Day Rental = $539 6 Day Rental = $599
1 Week Rental = $609 1 Week Rental = $679
2 Week Rental = $899 2 Week Rental = $1094
3 Week Rental = $1259 3 Week Rental = $1374
1 Month Rental = $1425 1 Month Rental = $1925

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Note: Due to Traffic delays all Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel and Captiva Deliveries and Pickups will be between 7:30 am and 11am. You can request preferred drop off and pickup time at checkout.

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